You probably have heard about concrete. Who wouldn’t? Concrete is seen everywhere inside and outside any houses and buildings. In fact, wherever you go, you can see infrastructures and structures made of concrete such as driveways, sidewalks, buildings, foundations, walls, roofs, and more.  

Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in addition to being the most widely used material in construction. This means that there are tons and tons of concrete being mixed, work on, use, and recycled all over the world.  

Concrete and cement are commonly used interchangeably although these two materials refer to different things. While cement is an ingredient to be mixed with water and aggregates, concrete is the resulting mixture of these ingredients. It is important to know the differences between these two.  

There are several companies that rely on doing Louisville concrete works and there are also many people that rely on the function’s concrete provides. And although you might think you already know about concrete, there are still several interesting facts you might not know about it.  

The following are the facts you need to know about concrete: 

1.Concrete can be found in nature – yes, this is true, and this is probably bizarre to think since the common thought about concrete is that is a mad-made substance. While this claim is true, there are also instances where concrete is created and produced by nature. For instance, a deposit in Israel aging 12-million years has been discovered that made the concept of nature-produced concrete. This organic and natural concrete is the result of mixing limestone and oil sale.  

2.Joseph Aspdin made the modern concrete that we now today – although concrete has been used since the ancient Greeks and Romans for building their bridges and buildings, it was Joseph Aspdin who was credited with patenting the modern concrete in 1824 Leeds. He made modifications in a mixture of aggregates and made concrete more stable and stronger compared before.  

3.Roman bridges are still standing up to this date even they are already 2,000 years old – As mentioned before, Ancient Greeks and Romans have made bridges and structures made of concrete that is still standing this day. And although these structures including their bridges and buildings were used by the militia, they are still thriving up t this very day.  

4.There are companies that produce scented form release agents – everyone knows that cement and concrete do not have smell other than earth and dust. However, because of the innovations and technology brought by modern times, there are companies that offer concrete that release agents that would make the concrete smell good. For instance, they can provide concrete that emits smells such as citrus, cherry, and bubble gum.  

5.Th largest unreinforced concrete structure is the pantheon – the Pantheon was built in 120 A.D was created by the ancient Romans and has been standing still up to this date. It is considered to be the largest unenforced concrete structure.  


You see, there are many things that we think we know about concrete but the thing is, there are still a lot of interesting things about concrete that we know not of.