Painting whether interior or exterior can provide a major difference when it comes to your overall curb appeal. And improving the curb appeal can cause a lot of advantages and benefits on your side. There are companies that provide professional Richardson painting & drywall and they use the following tips we will be providing here to ensure that a pro-like painting process.  

Do a visual inspection and preparation – this is something that most homeowners tend to overlook. When they are planning to paint their interior or exterior, they oftentimes think that equipment, as well as painting quality, are enough. Although this has some truths on this, the quality of work you make is also dependent on how you prepare the wall such as identifying some flakes, removing thoroughly the old paint, and cleaning the wall before putting on the new paint. You will find yourself putting too much effort if you do not make enough preparation. 

Wait for dry weather – dry weather does not mean that you will wait for summer. The ideal day to paint is a cloudy day. Rainy season provides more humid in the atmosphere while sunny seasons make the paint dry more quickly.  

Buy high-quality equipment – skills are good, but good equipment can enhance project output. While some homeowners tend to think that they are able to save some pennies when they opt for cheaper materials, but the opposite happens. Cheaper materials would result in the not-so-good project output. This would also lead to damages and repair costs. You would end up spending more even after repainting.  

Always use primer – you might think that primer is not that important but it is the primer that makes the paint more effective in covering imperfections on your walls. If you want to achieve a cleaner and smoother surface, then a primer is what you need.  

Paint from the top to bottom – while professionals can do bottom to top without dripping off paints, the normal person may not achieve this. So, if you want to have a seamless and no-drip painting, then the most ideal way to do this is to start from the top and work your way to the bottom. In this way, the dripping paint would be used for painting the floor.  

Box your paint – having too much paint will cost you more than what you intend and should spend. To avoid this, you can approach your salesperson to help you with a practical and realistic estimate of the amount of paint you will need for a project so you can buy it all at once. In this way, you will have some combinations of all the paints into one large container and mix it thoroughly instead of having once gallon per color. This is what we mean by boxing the paint. 

Other tips: 

  • Rely on your roller and use a high-quality roller for painting 
  • Be familiar with your nap  
  • Protect the objects you do not want to be painted 
  • Remove the outlet covers and light switch 

When it comes to doing your paint project, preparation is a must to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. We hope we have helped you!